Emergency Management

About Emergency Management

When a disaster hits everything changes. Knowing what to expect and what to do, will make a difference.

Kestrel Group has wide ranging experience in the Emergency Management arena, covering both strategic planning and operational aspects across the ‘4Rs’ of Reduction, Readiness, Response and Recovery.

This is particularly relevant for organisations that have specific responsibilities during and after a Civil Defence emergency such as the emergency services, local councils, lifelines (such as utility companies) and central government.

We know the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 inside out and have made it our business to make sure our clients do too.

What we offer

We tailor training sessions to help an organisation know how they should respond to a disaster – both as individuals, and as a team.

In addition to concentrating on your own core team we can bring together key people from various different organisations and put them through their paces ensuring that interagency collaboration has been well practiced before an actual event.

We also have operational experience supporting response to events such as the Christchurch earthquakes and the H1N1 pandemic.